Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Blogs

Another season  has been and gone and another blog update rolls into town on a tumbleweed. Not many developments to report since the last blog hit this page back in April.

A Christmas Carol Retold is available for sale in hardback or paperback through Amazon and can be ordered through all good bookshops, as the saying goes. A new advertising campaign will launch for the book in October on the Internet and in a number of publications worldwide. Also watch out for a special Ebay auction starting in November when a limited number of Hardback copies will be available for you to bid on. These editions will be a numbered, signed edition that will be available nowhere else and never again. It will be your only chance to own one of these special editions. A collector’s item of the future I’m sure.

In other areas, the thriller Don’t Follow Me is now progressing, along with another thriller, Don’t Hang Up (not connected). My series of Grim Reaper novels is also moving along with the first book almost half complete.

That’s about all for this time. Feel free to drop me a mail at Facebook with any questions or comments you have, I’ll try to respond to them all.

Until next time


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