Return of the Blog – Now with added Bunnies, Carols and Reapers.

It’s been a while since I updated the blog and thought it was about time to put that right. So here is a bumper update of everything that is happening, has happened, and is upcoming.

Christmas Comes Late (Or extremely early!) 

A Christmas Carol Retold has finally made its merry way into the public domain. So much time and effort was put into completing the paperwork in time for a November release that the effective date of the final product was slightly overlooked. This isn’t a conventional take on the story by any means though, so why should its release be anything other than screwed?

Anyway, there are links being plastered all over the websites as I type so I’ll put another one here for good measure.

A Christmas Carol Retold –

A Christmas Carol Retold –

Also check out a review of the book at Allbooks Reviews.

There is more information on the Retold Series on the Tales from The Back Side website, including details on the second book in the series – Dracula.

Easter Bunnies With Lost Eggs. 

The latest addition to the Tales From The Back Side Website is a three part short fictional work called The Lost Eggs of The Bunnies. The story introduces a number of characters I am trying to find a suitable vehicle for in the future.

The idea for the story came from a brainstorm about Easter. Obviously bunnies and eggs spring to mind, and in my mind these are joined by a supporting cast of country yokels, evil villains and a nice Wild West setting.

I had the basic idea of creating some kind of far fetched fantasy, set in the Old West, giving the chance for any number of Western in-jokes, references to some great movies and so on. For this reason, we end up with a Saloon in the centre of the action, lost treasure, and two bunnies called Butch and Sundance.

The first two parts – “The Good, The Bad, and The Bunnies”, and “A Fistful of Bunnies” – are available on the Original Fiction page of the website. The final instalment – “For A Few Bunnies More” – will be available on April 18th.

More news on Butch and Sundance will follow soon.

Grim Humour 

Another series currently under the covers is The Grim Reaper Series. I have always been fascinated by Death…not in a sadistic or quite frankly disturbing way. I have never wanted to know what it’s like to die or anything…that is just bizarre and wrong.

No, the Death I am talking about, in my mind, is about 7 feet tall, shrouded in black and always looks like he is on his way to cut the corn. There is something about the personification of Death that appeals to me. Maybe it’s the mystery of an immortal being that spends his existence loitering around in wait of life expiring. What must he have seen? Where must he have been? How shitlessly bored must he get?

These are some of the questions I began with. I currently have two books for the series partially complete. “Grim By Nature”, in which Grim considers retiring from his job, and “Grim Reaping”, in which he turns detective to find out why a group of humans are trying to have him killed.

I’ll post more on the series as it develops, and hopefully the first book should be complete later this year.

Other Bits and Bobs. 

Other bits in brief are wide and varied, like the underside of an elephant.

I have written the first two songs and developed a story for a musical set in and around an office on the threshold of Hell. Some of the song titles so far are “

Paradise by The Xerox Light”, “Events in Air Vents” and “Ladies Room – No Room For Ladies.” The project is in very early development so I don’t expect this to be done and dusted anytime soon but I will keep you updated on its progress.

There are a number of other stories that have various pieces written for them including “The Sinner Trilogy”, a series based a poem about an angel on earth; “Desert Raine” and “The Last Magician”, which are both books from the story of “The Syndicate”; “Don’t Follow Me” is a stand-alone thriller.

So, there you have it. That’s your April update. Hopefully, now this blog is up and running correctly, I’ll be able to post more frequently and keep up to date with all the goings on here.

For now, take care,


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